Quest Privilege Manager pmmasterd Buffer Overflow

This Metasploit modules exploits a buffer overflow in the Quest Privilege Manager, a software used to integrate Active Directory with Linux and Unix systems. The vulnerability exists in the pmmasterd daemon, and can only triggered when the host has been configured as a policy server ( Privilege Manager for Unix or Quest Sudo Plugin). A buffer overflow condition exists when handling requests of type ACT_ALERT_EVENT, where the size of a memcpy can be controlled by the attacker. This Metasploit module only works against version < 6.0.0-27. Versions up to 6.0.0-50 are also vulnerable, but not supported by this module (a stack cookie bypass is required). NOTE: To use this module it is required to be able to bind a privileged port ( <=1024 ) as the server refuses connections coming from unprivileged ports, which in most situations means that root privileges are required.